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Launch Career Clarity Course

A live digital course that guides college bound teens through successfully navigate college major selection.

Your child will go from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident so they make informed decisions about their college major and colleges.

Before I tell you about the course, let’s see if it’s right for your family.

Our course is for you, if you…

  • Feel overwhelmed by your teen’s lack of direction and motivation on the college bound journey
  • Realize the end of high school is fast approaching and need help navigating the complex world of college major selection
  • Are getting ready to spend six figures on college and want to be confident it’s a good investment
The Launch Career Clarity course gives teenagers a roadmap to successfully identify a list of college majors that suit their strengths, motivations, aptitudes and wiring - while also giving parents the tools to support them along the way.

In Just Seven Weeks, Your High School Student Will:

Know how their unique personality and wiring aligns with potential future careers

Have a clear understanding of how to identify potential college majors that align with the careers they are wired for

Have the tools and resources to map out the academic and extracurricular activities necessary to support college major fit

Create a professional online presence to engage and network with working adults, organizations, colleges, and companies

Learn how to build a college list based on major

Learn how to find and use free resources to research the right data to design their future instead of leaving it to chance

Gain confidence and motivation to navigate the future head on

When this upfront work is accomplished and the college application process has arrived, your high schooler will…

Make informed decisions that directly impact your teen’s ability to find the right major and right college.

Know themselves, know careers, and know their path moving forward into life with confidence and commitment

Complete applications and essays easily in less time and with less stress due to the extensive work completed during the course

With Launch Career Clarity, the Whole Family Benefits

Throughout the Launch Career Clarity Course you, as a parent, will have the tools and resources to:

  • Stay connected and grow closer to your child during a challenging time by better understanding your child’s wiring
  • Have intentional, constructive, and timely “college bound” conversations your teen will learn to appreciate and value
  • Spend less time nagging and more time supporting
  • Feel peaceful and ahead of deadlines
  • Make informed financial decisions that yield a strong ROI on your college investment

How College Major and Career Coaching Works


Begin to make sense of potential college majors and careers by looking first at what jobs your child would or wouldn’t do


Understand your child’s wiring, values, and aptitudes and then identify the careers that align


Understand career requirements, potential pay, and additional education required


Curate a list of experiences, classes, and job shadows that will help to confirm or deny interest and aptitude


Make an informed decision on college major, then identify which colleges have those majors, then visit those colleges


Our Happy Families
Share Their Stories

With Lisa’s help...we eliminated some careers and helped pick more suitable choices.

“My daughter asked if I thought several careers were a good fit for her. I was lost at how to help and didn’t think I could be objective. With the Launch Career Clarity Course and Lisa’s help, I guided her, she relaxed, and together we eliminated some careers and helped pick more suitable choices. It was so helpful for our whole family.” – Sara Rheinhart

Lisa’s encouragement helped him get clarity and renewed focus.

“I was overwhelmed because my son had a casual attitude and with no direction. The Launch Career Clarity Course and Lisa’s encouragement helped him get clarity and renewed focus. He’s still casual, but now he is confident in his direction. Our stress going into his senior year was far less.”
– Kristy Miller

The launch Clarity Course is a no-brainer if your kid is heading to college.

“I was struggling to get my son motivated, who is a busy kid. The Launch course had the regimen and camaraderie that kept us motivated. Lisa was approachable, and the course was so valuable. My son is not a reader, and the video library had fascinating information that helped him understand careers in a way he wouldn’t get from reading. The Launch Career Clarity Course is a no-brainer if your kid is heading to college.
– Jen Doerger

What’s Inside


With Launch Career Clarity, your child will go from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident so they make informed decisions about their college major and colleges.

Module 1

Know Yourself: How you are wired

Module 2

Know Yourself: You in the world

Module 3

Know Careers: How to gather information

Module 4

Know Careers: Curate experiences

Module 5

Know Your Path: A step-by-step plan

Frequently Asked Questions about Launch Career Clarity

Absolutely yes! I have helped over 3,600 students do just that. My course is used by families and schools.

I know how busy families are in this stage of life, so I’ve designed the course to be completed in just 6 weeks. And, I’m going to show up live with you for seven straight weeks to keep you motivated, answer your questions, and ensure you have everything you need to complete the course. You also have an entire year's access if you need more time.

Yes! I will show up live on Zoom every week. You will be provided a link to join and a reminder one hour before we go live. You also can submit questions in advance as you are working on the course and I’ll be ready to answer them at the next live meeting. You can also drop in questions during the live session. The next day you get access to the recording in case you miss attending live.

Absolutely! It is an industry leader among personality tools and over 3.5 million people have taken it. The Birkman has been around since the 1950’s and is used by colleges like Harvard Business School, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M University, University of South Carolina, Emory University, Colgate University, and Duke University, as well as industry giants like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and NASA.

There’s a good chance your child is more overwhelmed than unmotivated. By having a proven step-by-step framework, your student will become armed and informed to move forward. During the Launch Live sessions with Lisa, she focuses on mindset and fosters a can-do attitude while she supports both parents and students.

Yes! The average adult will work for 90,000 hours in their lifetime. It’s crucial that everyone finds a career that aligns to their natural wiring, aptitudes, and values. Lisa has coached many non-college individuals on right career fit including one of her own sons who is a successfully started his own business while still in high school and is a thriving young adult in construction and adjacent areas.

Yes! Many students go to college identifying a major but have not thought ahead to how that translates into a career. The Launch Course will bridge that gap and often with more intention and more effectively than the college career center. Lisa has coached college students from the University of Notre Dame and other schools where the students shared they were better equipped with Lisa than what their university offered.

Sharing Wisdom For Families In the Midst Of Their College Bound Journey

“We were unsure how to advise our daughter and felt anxious for her as she lacked self-confidence to make decisions. The insight we gained with Lisa’s coaching was worth every penny. My daughter is now much more confident in her abilities and more at peace as she makes her college decision and picks a major.”

— Melanie Staudt

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