Advice For Securing High School Internships

Internships for high school students can be challenging to find and difficult to secure but are game-changers in helping guide both high school and college students towards that best-fit first career after graduation.

Loveland City Schools in the Greater Cincinnati area has joined a growing number of school districts throughout the US that are taking a greater initiative for their students to start career education early. By creating a Career and College Counselor role, they are focused on students who are both career-bound after high school graduation and college-bound with the end career in mind.

It surprises many that most often these counselors in a school system serve students as young as sixth grade where experts agree career conversations and building awareness should begin. Drews Mitchell serves Loveland Tigers in grades 6 through 12. In his role, Drews has worked with many organizations and businesses to open opportunities for his students to have both job shadows and internships. Still, there are challenges on both the student and organization sides and the opportunities are limited.

Listen to our conversation and learn:

  • The benefits of job shadows and internships
  • Suggestions to overcoming barriers to these awesome opportunities
  • Which students tend to get chosen for internships & how you can increase your chances of getting chosen
  • What Loveland City Schools are doing & how programs may help students in your district



Meet Drews Mitchell

With over twenty years of experience in education, Drews Mitchell has contributed valuable skills to a wide variety of students and families.

Drews began his career in a private school setting then transitioned to serve public high schoolers. Drews became a Certified Career Counselor through the National Career Development Association in 2018. He has served both as a school counselor and created a new program and position with Loveland City Schools to further career education and readiness as the first-ever Career and College Counselor.

Drews earned his bachelorā€™s degree from the University of Cincinnati and holds two masterā€™s degreesā€”Miami University and Xavier Universityā€”and serves as an active member of the National Career Development Association and the Ohio Association of College Admission Counselors. He and his wife have two young adult children.

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