If you are overwhelmed with the college-bound journey, confused by how much things have changed, or frustrated by having more questions than answers, then College and Career Clarity is the compass you need, when you need it most. Weekly episodes with Lisa Marker-Robbins and her guests provide families with strategic guidance to resource your student to make informed choices that align with their passions, purpose, and potential future. You’ll be informed to be able to have intentional & productive family conversations grounded in guidance and broken into actionable steps to move from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident about your teen’s future.

21 May 2024
#123 College Institutional Priorities: Understanding Who Gets In with Aly Beaumont

In this episode, Lisa and Aly discuss: Common institutional priorities of colleges that drive admissions decisions for your teen.  Factors colleges consider beyond GPAs, test scores, extracurricular activities, and more (all outside of your student’s control). Why where to apply and when to apply affect if your teen gets admitted.  What impacted majors are and…

14 May 2024
#122 Finding the Right Test Prep with Amy Seeley and Mike Bergin

In this episode, Lisa, Amy, and Mike discuss: How to…

07 May 2024
#121 Mentorship and Innovation Ideas for Your Teen with Tony Antonelli and Wilson Turner

In this episode, Lisa, Tony, and Wilson discuss: The critical…

30 Apr 2024
#120 Experiential Learning: Unlocking Your Teen’s Career Path with Drews Mitchell

In this episode, Lisa and Drews discuss: What experiential learning…

23 Apr 2024
#119 How to Change Your College Major Successfully with Kaci Kortis

In this episode, Lisa and Kaci discuss: Having early conversations…

16 Apr 2024
#118 Occupational Therapy Career Close-Up with Chris Robbins

In this episode, Lisa and Chris discuss: What occupational therapy…

09 Apr 2024
#117 The Supportive Parents’ Guide on the Road to College with Kristina Dooley

In this episode, Lisa and Kristina discuss: Strategies for striking…