If you are overwhelmed with the college-bound journey, confused by how much things have changed, or frustrated by having more questions than answers, then College and Career Clarity is the compass you need, when you need it most. Weekly episodes with Lisa Marker-Robbins and her guests provide families with strategic guidance to resource your student to make informed choices that align with their passions, purpose, and potential future. You’ll be informed to be able to have intentional & productive family conversations grounded in guidance and broken into actionable steps to move from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident about your teen’s future.

28 Nov 2023
#098 How Your Teen Can Benefit from an Honors College with Sylvia Borgo

In this episode, Lisa and Sylvia discuss: Why Honors Colleges should not be an afterthought as your student is making their college list.  What an Honors College is and how it differs from an Honors Program.  Benefits of being in an Honors College.  Differences in application processes for Honors Colleges.  Key Takeaways:  Honors Colleges are…

21 Nov 2023
#097 How Colleges Assess Your Teen’s Fit to Major with Lisa Marker Robbins

In this episode, Lisa discusses: How your student can demonstrate…

14 Nov 2023
#096 Your Changing Role: Preparing to be a Great College Parent with Andrea Brenner

In this episode, Lisa and Andrea discuss: Struggles parents have…

07 Nov 2023
#095 Navigating ACT & SAT Accommodations: How to Get Approved & Avoid Common Mistakes with Wendy Raynor

In this episode, Lisa and Wendy discuss: Accommodation strategies for…

31 Oct 2023
#094 Strategies for Intentional Parenting in the Teen Years with Keely Ng

In this episode, Lisa and Keely discuss: How coaching can…

24 Oct 2023
#093 The Homeschoolers Guide to Standardized Testing: AP, PSAT, ACT, SAT, and CLT with Leia LeMaster Horton

In this episode, Lisa and Leia discuss: Ways your homeschooler…

17 Oct 2023
#092 Who Community Colleges & Regional Campuses are Especially Good For with Stephanie Duguid

In this episode, Lisa and Stephanie discuss: Reasons your student…