College Majors Where High School Students Need to Commit at Application

There are some college majors where if students don’t apply as a high school senior it will be difficult or impossible to switch into the major at some colleges after college has started.

Students interested in these majors must discern if this is their path while still in high school.

What you’ll learn from our April 2021 webinar:

  • Why your major listed in college applications even matters.
  • How colleges admit students, by: major, college or university, and this impacts the ability to switch majors at many schools.
  • How this affects graduation and paying for college.
  • Common majors where my survey of college admissions officers, college, independent college counselors, and high school counselors have seen late choices of these majors be problematic for students.
  • The different types of college major changes and how it works: changes within a college, changes between colleges within a university, external transfers.
  • Questions to ask the colleges during the college search and well before paying a deposit.

Watch, learn, and be inspired to work toward career clarity as part of a high school student’s college counseling and journey.