College Planning Framework from Lockwood College Prep

The P4 College Planning Framework

Andy Lockwood is an internationally renowned best-selling author,  college advisor, and financial aid expert.  He is the creator of the “P4”  college advising system (Plan, Path, Position, Produce), a “backward-planning”  approach designed to help students discover their wiring and strengths, reverse engineer a set of colleges offering “wholesale” prices – that help students achieve success, post-college.

While Andy’s services cost 5-figures for families to work with him on implementing his framework, he was willing to share with me what each of the 4 – p’s means to the college planning process as well as when to start. You might be surprised by his backward planning process, but his results speak for themself.

Listen to our interview and learn:

  • His journey from saddled with college and law school debt to helping families
  • Tidbits on entrepreneurship
  • When to start college planning
  • How you can implement the P4 framework yourself

Connect with Andy Lockwood, Lockwood College Planning (NY)

You’ll regularly see Andy in the media….The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Fox Business, and the New York Post. If you watched the Netflix documentary, Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal, he had 30 seconds of fame as a reputable, won’t ever be indicted, college admissions coach himself.

The best place to learn about Andy and his wife and business partner, Pearl, is on their website.

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