Demonstrated Interest: How to find it on the Common Data Set

For colleges that care whether high school students “demonstrate interest” before applying to college, doing so can create a college admission advantage. I explain how to figure out which colleges don’t care if you demonstrate interest. This can save time you time during your college-bound journey! For those colleges who don’t care, you don’t have to feel the pressure to reply to every email or send in the postcard they are asking for.

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hey there my flourish friends

I am dropping in real quick because I

want to teach you how to do something I

just finished uh recording episode

number 52.

that is going to talk about demonstrated

interest I had to guess Sylvia Borgo she

is an independent educational consultant

and we had a fantastic conversation

around demonstrated interest

and we weren’t really able to fully

teach in there how to figure out if a

college values demonstrated interest so

I decided to pop in and share my screen

and teach you guys how to do this so

let’s go ahead and do it let me get it

pulled up let’s see

okay so we’re gonna go ahead and Google

and we’re gonna put in the words common

data oh

comment data set and then we’re gonna

put in the name of a college so I’m

going to choose one that I know values

demonstrated interest so I’m going to go


of Dayton

in Dayton Ohio I got my master’s degree

from there okay so as we come here

we see common data set not all colleges

um share the common data set but most do

so uh you know if you can’t find it it’s

not the end of the world

um we’re here their most recent one is

right here it’s from 2021

2022 and let’s make this a little bit

bigger okay so where you’re going to

head is you can see is this is set a of

information I’m gonna head to set C and

for those of you that are applying as

first time freshmen to

um College set C is what you’re going to

be most interested in so set C starts

back here generally on page five you get

all kinds of great information and we

are looking for set C7 so see how this

says C1 right here we are looking for

set C7 and it’s going to be right down


okay so C7 we’re going down this tells

you how much a college cares about the

various aspects that relate to you as an


and for as you can see there’s many uses

for this and this is fantastic

information but for our purpose today

when we’re talking about demonstrated

interests right here at the very bottom

it says level of applicants interest so

have you shown the college that you like


for colleges that Mark very important

important or considered that means that

when they email you if you’re interested

in them you better reply open those

emails reply for the colleges that do

not consider it which are numerous then

they’re not going to track whether you

open that email or you apply whether you

demonstrate interest ahead of applying

will not affect whether you get in or

not at those colleges but for the

colleges that do care that say it’s very

important important or considered that

it can affect whether you can get in if

you want to learn more head on over to podcast Tab and

look for episode number 52 with Sylvia

Borgo on demonstrated interest okay my

friends just wanting to drop in here and

give you ways to to Resource your

college-bound journey see you soon