How Parents Can Help Their High School Students & College Students Crush Stress

Stress can be crippling to everyone but especially teenagers and young adults who often don’t have the skills to manage inevitable busyness along with the demands of life and school. A 2013 study found that stress is heightened during the school year.

When stress enters your student may seem unmotivated, but is likely just frozen not knowing the steps to deal with what they are facing. It’s important to set students up for success.

This conversation with Dale from Crush College Stress was particularly of interest to me as not only a mom of young adults but knowing that students who are stressed and frozen don’t have the bandwidth to work on important work around what comes after graduation…the work I focus on at Flourish.

Listen to our conversation on crushing stress and learn:

  • How to define stress
  • Areas where stress manifests itself and signs parents should look out for
  • What parents can do to offer support and assistance
  • Actionable steps parents can take now to help their students avoid stress in the future

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Meet Dale Troy of Crush College Stress

Dale’s mission is to give students confidence in their ability to handle college by teaching strategies that will empower them and enable them to thrive instead of being part of the 30% who drop out of college freshman year. Dale helps students get good grades, make great friends, and stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

A Yale-educated lawyer, she is now a College Success Coach and Certified Health Coach whose experience in helping high school and college students started with her own three daughters.

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