Introducing the College and Career Clarity Podcast

If you are overwhelmed with the college-bound journey, confused by how much things have changed, or frustrated by having more questions than answers, then College and Career Clarity is the compass you need, when you need it most. Weekly episodes with Lisa Marker-Robbins and her guests provide families with strategic guidance to resource your student to make informed choices that align with their passions, purpose, and potential future. You’ll be informed to be able to have intentional & productive family conversations grounded in guidance and broken into actionable steps to move from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident about your teen’s future.

Listen to our trailer to get a quick overview.


Meet your host, Lisa

For over 30 years, Lisa Marker-Robbins has professionally worked with teenagers and their parents. She began as a teacher then became an independent college counselor in 1999. In 2010, she began her work as a college major and career coach. A Master Certified Birkman personality coach, she is a recognized expert in her field having worked with well over 3,300 individuals.

Lisa understands how overwhelming the college-bound journey can be for families. She takes joy in watching her clients move from overwhelmed and confused to motivated, clear, and confident about what comes after graduation. With information is power and Lisa’s purpose is to guide families to be able to make informed decisions.

While she’s had thousands of “kids”, the three most important are her own and her two stepchildren. She’s happily empty nesting with her husband in Cincinnati, Ohio.