Kyra Kim_ An Interview with a NASA Earth Scientist

Many are surprised to learn that at some NASA sites the number of earth scientists outnumber those working on and in space.

Kyra Kim is a South Korean, US college educated, NASA earth scientist currently working in California at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She gave me part of her day in March 2021 to share her journey.

You’ll want to listen if you want to:

  • have an average student who you just know, with the right steps, is headed toward great things
  • learn about the wide variety of careers that can start with a geology undergrad major and what are common grad school majors for those who choose to pursue graduate work (not just with NASA)
  • desire to understand what research scientists actually do
  • satisfy your curiosity on the wide variety of careers at NASA
  • inspire high school students and young adults (maybe your own!) to find their best fit career
  • delve deeper into the difference between passions v. purpose and how both can be embraced
  • have a girl or work with girls who might thrive in STEM fields
  • help high school students and college students with time management tools
  • build grit in the teens and young adults around you

Thank you, Kyra, for inspiring us!