Let’s Talk College Podcast

Shane Bybee’s college counseling client was completing her high school plan. When faced with questions related to possible college majors and careers, the family was stumped. The parents admitted they had a very limited idea of what careers were out there. Like many students on the college-bound journey, the student only had concrete ideas on what had been experienced in real life (teacher, doctor, nurse) and the careers pursued by parents and other family members.

This family wanted to know where to start which resulted in Shane inviting me onto his podcast, Let’s Talk College, as his first listener requested episode (#23 by the way).

In our conversation, we talk a lot about why students need to get clear on college majors and careers as well as related tangents like paying for college, ACT and SAT tests, other entrance exams, where to start for high school students to get career clarity and more.

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