Steps for High School Students Creating an Organization

Sophia Chabris, class of 2022 at Indian Hill High School in Cincinnati, created Corona Care Callers, an organization at her high school where tenth through twelfth graders served as a personal connection for younger students isolated to online school during Covid.

In her words….

During the Stay-at-Home order in March, I was unable to see my friends and felt socially isolated. Most of my friends and family know me as a bubbly, social person but during the order I didn’t feel like myself. I realized that I was missing face to face conversations and that I couldn’t possibly be the only one!! I created this for our virtual Braves students, so that they might still feel connected with our school community!

When high school students are seeking extracurriculars that both align with their interests and provide opportunities for innovation and leadership, they can become discouraged by the limited opportunities in front of them.

Students often forget the opportunities are unlimited…you just might need to create your own!

Sophia did just that and got a quick and easy YES! from her principal to move ahead. She made it hard for her principal to say no and she offers great and actionable advice for any student wanting to create their own club or organization. In our conversation, she explains the steps and skills beneficial in doing so.

After getting both local and national (Today show!) media coverage, Sophia saw her program replicated throughout the Greater Cincinnati region and to multiple states. Hear in our conversation how she supported and resourced others to do so.

As we leave Covid in our rearview mirror (positive thinking!), Sophia’s organization will morph to meet continued needs and she will leave a lasting impact on her high school as she heads to college in the fall of 2022.

Not only did Sophia build a very high-level extracurricular which got her local and national media coverage, it helped her clarify some of her future goals as she plans college and career with the end in mind.

Parents will learn how to support and resource their teens to do the same and teens will get inspired to create their own high-level extracurricular opportunities where high school students can both innovate and lead.

Listen to our conversation and learn:

  • The steps in getting an idea for a club or organization off the ground
  • How to not get sidelined by lack of persistence
  • Tools to make it easy for your school to give a stamp of approval on your idea
  • Soft skills necessary to be successful & how you will grow through your adventure

Meet & Connect with Sophia Chabris

Sophia is a class of 2022 student at Indian Hill High School and the founder of Corona Care Callers. She welcomes connecting with other students via her website where you’ll find her email.

Corona Care Callers Website

Sophia in the Press

Sophia was also featured on the Today Show