The Benefits to High School Students on LinkedIn

High school students, and those in college, should begin building a professional online presence early. It starts with creating a LinkedIn Profile– they aren’t just for working adults. I’m personally aware of hard-to-find high school internships that require students to have a LinkedIn profile before applying for the coveted paid summer positions. Don’t underestimate the power of your profile.

Once the profile is polished and published, students can:

  1. Make Connections
  2. Conduct Research
  3. Find Internships & Jobs

If this feels like a daunting task, the experts at LinkedIn put together a step-by-step PDF guide specific to student profiles. You can grab the guide from me here and begin creating your online professional presence today. Use the guide to create the personal profile before engaging and building a network that will lead to standing out from the crowd.

For over a decade I’ve encouraged my career coaching students to make a LinkedIn profile as part of their career and college counseling. This encouragement has put me speaking at high schools to hundreds on the topic and recently, during Covid, I spoke to a college class in Pennsylvania at the invitation of Professor Amy Kaminsky. We were able to record the Zoom meeting to share with others. Thank you, Amy!

Watch and learn about:

  • Setting up a profile
  • Where to start and how to make connections (everyone knows someone on LinkedIn!)
  • Resources for students
  • Joining groups and the benefit
  • Research jobs and companies
  • Find and apply for internships and jobs


Don’t forget to grab your step-by-step guide to building a personal LinkedIn profile.


PS- A word of advice, lockdown other personal social media before you engage professionally.