#001 A Game Changer – Career Counseling in High School

We all know that college is expensive, so parents don’t like the idea of their students wasting time on majors; they end up changing while trying to figure out their career path. Vicki Weisbrod is a counselor at Bishop Fenwick High School in Ohio and along with her team, they are the first high school to work with Lisa in the Launch Career Clarity Course.

Find out how Lisa’s program coupled with the Birkman personality test has become a GAME CHANGER for Fenwick H.S. and helps students and parents look for college majors and careers that students can excel in according to their personal interests, values, and wiring. They discuss the importance of adding career to the conversation around future planning.

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An overview of this episode

(2:59) The difference between roles of being a high school counselor and college counselor and how her career has changed in those roles.

(4:05) How the team works with families to address the academic, social, and emotional college and career aspects of high school.

(6:12) How they decided to add career counseling to their program in addition to college counseling.

(10:07) Vicki talks about how improving planning for college and future careers became personal for her, being a parent herself and she used the Birkman test for the first time.

(13:25)  The change to college planning that took place 4 years ago at Fenwick H.S.

(16:42) How Vicki’s team feels more effective in their jobs since using the Birkman and working with Lisa.

(20:24) When is the best time to give students the Birkman test to meet them where they are?

(23:22) Advice to parents of students that don’t have these resources.

(26:29) How and when to talk to students about planning for the future.

(27:52) How to learn more about Fenwick H.S. or get in touch with Vicki.

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