#033 Your College List: Majors & Careers

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College truly is an investment, often at least one of hundred thousand dollars and sometimes quite a bit more. As a parent, you’re willing to help your teen with this investment because you know college can set them on the path toward a successful, independent, happy adult life. A significant part of that happiness is finding the right college major that leads to a best-fit career path. In this week’s podcast, I sit down with Katie Bauer, the strategic partnership coordinator for Lakota Local Schools. We discuss how to cultivate experiences that will help your teen hone in on the right major for their future career.


Katie Bauer, the strategic partnership coordinator for Lakota local schools in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, has worked with thousands of families throughout her career and recognizes the importance of guiding students into one of the four E’s- employment, enlistment, enrollment, or entrepreneurship – for after high school graduation. Through her work, Katie helps students figure out which track best fits them, what will take them in the right direction for their future, and how to graduate high school with a purpose.

A key component of determining the right path is providing students with up-close curated experiences. Through her work, Katie helps connect students with real-world experiences so they can evaluate careers for alignment to their personal wiring, values, and aptitudes. 

In this episode, Bauer shares insights into college and career readiness that will help your teen even if your school distinct doesn’t have a “Real World Learning” initiative. You’ll leave this episode being able to help your teen curate their own experiences and have tips for them to stand out from other students. 


  • The WHY behind Lakota’s real-world learning programming
  • The VALUE of any career exploration experience
  • How students can find these opportunities via the district or their own personal networks
  • The 4 E’s and graduating with a purpose
  • How real world experiences can help your teen find their post-graduation plan
  • What will help your teen stand out in securing job shadows and internships

Meet Our Guest

Katie Bauer’s journey to traditional K-12 education was a little bit different than most. After graduating from undergrad with a BA in Strategic Communications from THE Ohio State University, she began a career in higher education. After spending many years working in admissions, she worked on a grant program through the state of Ohio called ‘Tech Prep’, which aligned career technical education to industry certifications and early college credit. Along the way,  Katie earned a Master’s in Corporate and Strategic Communications from Ashland University. Through her work with the state and other programming, she learned about Lakota’s Local School District’s goals for the program to expand, and the rest is history! Bauer truly enjoys helping students learn more about themselves and their passions to guide their decision-making about the future of their education and career path.

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[1:40] I welcome Katie Bauer of Lakota schools in the Greater Cincinnati area.

[3:14] Bauer discusses the unique strategic qualities of her district and how Lakota uses those programs to help prepare students.

[5:02] Teachers and students Bauer works with can range from elementary to high school. Her work can be adaptable to various situations and isn’t one-size-fits-all.

[8:30] Ruling something out is just as important and beneficial as ruling something in. Connecting the dots between what teens love to do and what they can do is multifaceted.

[10:14] Lakota students work with resumes, cyber security, and programs like LinkedIn. It’s all about networking in the modern world and using the tools that fit the industry the teen is interested in.

[12:30] My three pillars- know yourself, know careers, know your path- match up with Bauer’s work with junior high school students. Her program also hosts a Real Life 101 day, which helps students understand how their personalities and traits align with the skills required in a particular profession.

[14:53] Entrepreneur days are also a part of these growth experiences that allow kids to get closer to determining what they want to do with their lives.

[16:00] Fostering connections allow kids to gain a rudder when steering their boats.

[18:40] Bauers best advice to set your family up for success starts with curiosity, community, and connections.

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