#010 Tips for Sending Student Emails that Get a Response

Sending emails to strangers or acquaintances can feel risky for teens and young adults who aren’t sure what to say or how to say it. Lisa Marker-Robbins pulls a page out of the Launch College & Career Clarity Course to share with parents how you can support your student as they learn how to communicate intelligently, appropriately, and courageously with colleges as well as adults and professionals.

Lisa will lay out research-proven tips to help your student write important emails, including how to start the greeting and salutation, how to research and ask questions, and what to do if you don’t see a response. This advice works in more areas than college admissions. You’ll soon understand another important step for parents to move to the back seat and put the student in the driver’s seat throughout the process of launching kids into a flourishing future.

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  • Learn what to do before you write an email
  • The best opening and closing for your emails
  • How many questions to ask to increase your chance of getting a response
  • What to do if you don’t get a response

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