#011 Student Spotlight: Kate’s High School Internships

As we visit with high school junior Kate Louagie and her Mom, Alyssa, to talk about the opportunities that Kate’s found to explore a future career in photography we get a peek into a real-life student success story. While Mom takes a back seat, Kate explains how she’s using real-world experiences to find clarity on her future path for after high school graduation. 

Kate shares an experience that resonates with what Lisa Marker-Robbins teaches, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it”. Kate’s experiences of gaining good exposure to careers and thinking deeply as well as making connections to build her network early will leave you with ideas for your own family even if your student’s interests and aptitudes differ from Kate’s.

Alyssa reveals her part in playing a supporting role while Kate takes the lead. This is a great model for conversations that families should be having at home. Be sure to check out the links below to access the tools mentioned in this episode.


  • Kate’s process of interviewing for & gaining internships
  • How parents can make introductions for student opportunities
  • Parent inspiration from Alyssa on guiding, not controlling, your student’s journey
  • The importance of students having a resume and LinkedIn profile

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Links mentioned in this episode

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