#012 Advice from Empowered Career Women

Secondary education teacher Josh Morgan caught our attention when he posted about looking for female professionals and leaders he could connect with to interview about their successful careers. He had 694 comments to his LinkedIn post that asked for suggestions on who he should interview. At the time of our discussion, Josh has had 57 interviews to date which he is recording for his students learn about what a day would look like in these various careers as well as advice for students as they think about what comes after graduation. Now he’s sharing this wealth of wisdom in his own podcast, “Empowering Her”, that he hopes will make a meaningful impact on students and adults.

Josh explains why his passion project is focused on females but how anyone can benefit from the insights he’s sharing from those interviews. He also shares the common traits, themes, and advice he’s gathered from the interviews. When applied, these nuggets of wisdom will help put your teen on a successful path.  


  • Differences in how male and female students think about future careers
  • Nuggets of wisdom for students from 57 successful women professionals
  • What students can do now to begin moving towards career clarity
  • Josh’s passion project

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