#014 Undergrad and Master’s Business Programs

If your student is considering a future in business this episode is required listening. Linda Abraham leans on her experience advising students since 1994. Business Insider named her the MBA admissions consult “to know if you want to get into a top business school”. You’ll walk away understanding the differences between a business degree and an undergrad or earning an MBA or other graduate degrees. And you’ll understand what timing is important. 

Linda identifies important skills and traits to develop along with suggesting which extracurriculars will be helpful in both high school and college. Learn which entrance exams to concentrate on and how both GPA and scores work with the extracurriculars and work history to determine who will be admitted. 

Linda shares important research that determines the ROI of investing in a business school education to help determine if it’s the right path for your student. 


  • Considerations when deciding between business as an undergraduate major or a master’s in business administration or management
  • The role of academic GPA and entrance exams
  • Non-academic pursuits that make an applicant more desirable to universities
  • The timeline for MBA programs
  • What the financial return on investment is for business programs

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