#015 Unplanned Career Paths with Mike Bergin

Chariot Learning founder, podcast host, and test prep certification educator Mike Bergin opens up about his unplanned career path. Test prep is an example of an industry that generates billions of dollars a year but it’s not necessarily the career that Mike planned for. In my conversation with Mike, we do some deep thinking about unplanned turns on the career journey.


There’s no way anyone can figure out their entire life, especially as a young adult, right? Mike’s starting point was he liked education and knew he wanted to be a life-long learner, but he didn’t want to teach in a classroom. He’ll share with you how he was able to land on the ultimate career for him while taking jobs along the way that moved him closer to what best aligns to him. I caught some glimpses from his story early on that were pointing the way all along. You might just notice similar early hints in your teen. 


We ruminate on why getting through the journey requires continuous growth while figuring out the path. And how self-awareness and curiosity is essential for your teen to get to where they can clearly see the path to a flourishing future as they launch from your home.


It was fantastic to have Mike on after being on his and Amy Seely’s podcast twice in the past! Mike and Amy’s show is linked below. 



  • What are unplanned career paths
  • Which careers need to be intentionally planned
  • How to find threads in your story to create self awareness and then find your career path


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