#017 Your Teen’s Summer To-Do List

In this episode, Lisa Marker-Robbins shares helpful ideas for your teen to keep the momentum of their college bound journey going over the summer while still enjoying some lazy days and much needed downtime.

This episode takes a year-by-year journey. If your student is an upperclassman, don’t fast forward just in case you missed a critical deadline in the past and need to use summer to catch-up. And you won’t want to hit “pause” once your student’s year is covered as knowing what is coming down the road is crucial to your successful planning for your family. 

From ACT/SAT planning and testing to unearthing a summer reading list and learning how a summer job can benefit your child beyond just the paycheck, as well as how to start planning those future visits – it’s all here! When following Lisa’s proven framework outlined in this podcast and on her free College Planning Timeline PDF, you’ll prevent parent nagging and can thank her later!

Be application and graduation ready by listening in for tips on the journey ahead.


  • A goal setting framework that works for your student
  • Lisa’s College Planning Timeline 
  • Actionable to-do list for all grades
  • Summer reading advice
  • Your family’s college budget
  • Common Application rollover

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