#018 How to Get Freshman Year Free

Freshman year for free….what’s the catch? You’ll be delighted to find there’s no catch! Pulitzer Prize winner David Vise shares how Modern States Education Alliance’s free program has saved college students over 75 million dollars in tuition. 

Modern States quality courses are taught by college professors and coupled with CLEP exams. David’s asserts this actually an easier path to college credit while in high school than AP courses and exams. With most high schools charging for AP courses and exams, it’s also less expensive! Your student can start as early as 9th grade while also reinforcing their high school course curriculum. As Lisa points out, this is like built-in free tutoring for students!  

While the intent of Modern States is to increase access and affordability of higher education, it also provides your student with the opportunity to curate their experiences around their schedule and interests. 


  • Different paths to college credit during high school
  • What CLEP exams are and how they compare to AP exams
  • How some students can get freshman year for free
  • How Modern States courses help build a resume, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and lead to college major-career clarity

Meet Our Guest

David Vise is the executive director of Modern States Education Alliance, a philanthropy dedicated to making college more accessible and affordable for all.

A Pulitzer Prize-winner, Vise spent more than 20 years as a reporter at The Washington Post. He is the author of four books, including The Google Story, a national bestseller published in more than two dozen languages.

Vise received his MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he is included on a list of 125 most influential alumni. He serves as a senior advisor at New Mountain Capital.

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