#019 College Essay Help from an Expert

If you have a soon to be high school senior, it’s college essay time of year! Betsy Cadel joins Lisa to reveal the best way to approach writing college admission essays without the overwhelm. You’ll have her proven timeline to set you up for success and Betsy’s going to tell us what admissions officers are looking for in the essays your student writes for college applications.

You’ll learn the what essays your teen can expect to write for the colleges, and a successful way to to dive into researching and understanding what each college values. 

By following Betsy’s 4 C’s framework, your student will be set up for success and to help them stand out from the thousands of other applicants in an ever increasingly competitive college admission process. 


  • The prompts for required college essays
  • The difference between resume building and character building
  • Get a timeline for completing essays for applications
  • The 4 C’s Betsy recommends having in your essays
  • Tips for writing a great personal statement main essay

Meet Our Guest

Betsy Cadel is a college essay specialist helping high school juniors and seniors write compelling essays that pop off the page and get noticed by admissions officers.

Her supportive, fun and introspective approach is designed to increase students’ chances of getting into their best-fit school while reducing stress, family tension, and feeling overwhelmed.

As a former advertising copywriter and author, she brings that marketing savvy to her role as an essay coach, positioning students so that they stand out from thousands of other applicants.

And as a parent who went through the application experience with her own son not that long ago she emphasizes mental health and keeping the process in perspective.


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