#021 Career Close-up: Psychologist

Have you ever wondered why do so many students who major in psychology and intend to work in the field land elsewhere in their career? I noticed this trend when I was recently interviewing candidates to work at my company and the job had nothing to do with psychology!

Dr. Robin Aruthur joined me on the podcast to not only explore and answer this question but she also shares the challenges and rewards of a career in Psychology. She reveals the necessary skills and many opportunities in the field depending on a student’s wiring, self awareness, and goals. 

You’ll learn the pathway to being a doctor of psychology as well as alternate pathways for therapists. 

Robin is very passionate about helping teens and young adults navigate mental health challenges that are always present, but more prevalent and complicated in the wake of Covid. Her current work, in addition to being a practicing psychologist, is easily accessible tools she shares so you’ll be equipped to help your teen. 


  • The wide variety of careers for those with a PhD or PsyD in Psychology 
  • The often underestimated educational and extracurricular path to earn this doctoral level degree
  • Other career paths that credential someone for work as a therapist
  • Suggested extracurriculars for high school and college students interested in the field of psychology
  • How Dr. Arthur is helping families with adolescencents manage Covid related stresses 

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Meet Our Guest

Dr. Robin Arthur is CEO of Transform Consulting LLC. Dr. Arthur has several decades of experience providing transformative solutions for individuals and organizations in business and healthcare nationally and internationally. Dr. Arthur worked in a pediatric practice for nine years prior to becoming a psychologist.  Dr. Arthur was the Chief of Psychology at The Lindner Center of HOPE, a premier mental health hospital and was on faculty at The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine for 12 years.

Her 25+ years of vast experience in working with children and families has resulted in significantly improved mental health and family relationships. She practices from a holistic and strength-based model rather than a disease model to support optimal outcomes.  

Dr. Arthur realizes that our children have increasing stress and anxiety and the need for parent coaching is skyrocketing.  The number of providers available is a deterrent for parents.  Because of this need, Dr. Arthur developed an online Masterclass, Post Pandemic Parenting, to help parents with these coaching issues.  It is her passion to help parents, kids, and families live joyful lives.

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