#003 Career Close-Up: Cybersecurity with Mike Schuetter

In this Career Close-Up episode, Mike Schuetter, a chief information security officer for a regional IT company, joins us to talk about his varied computer career path that eventually led to working in cybersecurity which wasn’t even a career field when he started college.

As a teenage boy who loved playing video games (sound familiar, parents?) Mike turned from his gaming obsession to creating video games which led to majoring in computer engineering at the University of Toledo. But he had no idea exactly where he’d land with his career in computers. Mike shares with us how a foundation was laid, tools were mastered, he tried on different computer specialties then it all came together developing into a career that truly fits him.

You’ll learn the importance of your teen getting into the room by doing some professional networking and will learn what differentiates different computer fields and how he defends computers from malicious use of technology. Even if you’ve never thought about going into computers, he advises not to take it off the list of consideration until you’ve investigated the field and he suggests what extracurriculars can be meaningful in getting hired if this is your right fit. 


  • (4:21) Mike’s passions as a high school student
  • (5:53) The differences between computer science & computer engineering majors
  • (8:52) The history of cybersecurity
  • (10:24) The computer application development field 
  • (9:49) The importance of networking
  • (13:21) The field of operating system administration including Linux
  • (15:52) The field of cybersecurity and what they do
  • (18:26) How career fields develop into those we can’t even anticipate
  • (19:49) What your student can do now to figure out if different computer fields fit them
  • (21:48) Calculus coursework as it relates to achieving the necessary degree 
  • (22:44) The differences between engineering, engineering technology, and IT
  • (25:29) What extracurriculars can make a student resume pop when Mike’s hiring
  • (27:57) Characteristics of those who thrive in cybersecurity

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Great resource for parents of ALL children

Lisa’s podcast will give you insight on things you can do for and are doing to your children which will help them succeed and leave the nest ON THEIR OWN. The clarity this first episode gave me will change how I relate to my young adults we raised.