#004 Getting the Scoop on College Visits

Moira McCollough talks to Lisa about what should be the fun part of the college-bound journey, finding a “social fit”. Her expertise is how to assess fit through the eyes of the students attending the school, not the college itself. 

The college will show you the highlight real, but students will give a close-up real look at campus life and the surrounding community. 

Her tips will have your family well prepared for in-person and virtual visits and she provides answers on how your family can learn what students do on a Friday night, where they can work out, the best restaurants in the area, and more. 

Moira is a mom of three college students and through her own trials, errors, and successes that she shares with us, you’ll be empowered to help your student have more meaningful visits which will enable your teen to make an informed final decision on where they will call home for four years. 

Her advice and own experiences with her kids will give you ideas on how to get your own student involved in campus visits in a meaningful way. 

College Scoops is Moira’s platform that came out of her own experiences. She has a strong team of student interns on a variety of campuses who have curated interactive guides highlighting favorite places to eat, stay, and play around campus, for both students and parents. It’s a must-have resource for families serious about assessing social fit before applying and enrolling in college.

Episode Highlights

  • What defines “social fit” when trying to find the right college
  • Advice on connecting with students already attending schools to give a better look at what it has to offer.
  • How to prepare for visits
  • Ideas for getting to know the surrounding community along with the college
  • Tips for making sure you don’t forget campus highlights later

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