#47 The Neurodivergent College-Bound Journey

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What does the college-bound journey look like for neurodiverse students who have ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and other learning disabilities? What should parents of high school students with learning differences keep in mind as they navigate the road toward college and career? My guest in this episode is Eric Endlich, a clinical psychologist and educational consultant who has worked with his organization, Top College Consultants, serving families with neurodivergent students to create a successful college bound strategy.


If you have a child with learning differences, you probably already know that their path in life often looks a little different from that of their neurotypical peers. So when it comes to creating a college-bound strategy, it should come as no surprise that this is also going to require some outside the box thinking. If your child has ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or other learning disabilities, what can you be doing as a parent to ensure a successful journey and college experience for your student?

As a parent of a neurodivergent child, and as an independent educational consultant with decades of experience, Eric Endlich has a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of higher education and campus life for those with learning differences. While most schools are able to accommodate disabilities to a certain extent, some schools are able to go above and beyond with special programs designed to support students with different needs. Finding these neurodiversity-friendly colleges may be a crucial part of finding the right college fit for your family.

I love the point that Eric makes about the difference between a high school student who is college-capable and one who is college-ready. This is an important distinction, and one that even parents of neurotypical kids should keep in mind as they prepare their teen for college. Often, our teens are able to take on the demands of higher education at an academic level, but they really aren’t prepared for the experience of navigating life on their own outside the home. No matter what the unique needs of your child may be, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to get them ready for college in ways other than just academics. I hope you find this conversation to be encouraging and inspiring as you find the right college fit for the unique needs of your student.


  • How to determine if your teen is “college ready” or “college capable”
  • Managing stress and anxiety when applying and transitioning to college
  • Available options and services in college for students with learning differences
  • Disability disclosure and ACT/SAT testing accommodations

Meet Our Guest

Eric Endlich, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and founder of Top College Consultants®, helps students with learning differences and emotional challenges apply to college. Dr. Endlich is on the Learning Differences/Neurodiversity and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committees of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and received the “Making a Difference” award from IECA. Dr. Endlich writes and presents on college admissions frequently, and was named a Top Contributor by Exceptional Needs Today Magazine for his article, “7 Things Students With Disabilities Should Do When Starting College.”  He has been interviewed by various media including Forbes, Money magazine, College Confidential and U.S. News & World Report. 

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[3:03] What it means to be college-ready vs. college-capable

[5:46] How to know if your child is college-ready

[8:05] Why we should let our kids fail from time to time

[10:15] What families can do during high school and post-graduation to ensure that their teen is college-ready

[12:05] Some of the college-readiness programs that are available for students

[15:01] What some colleges do to support neurodivergent students or students with learning differences

[16:58] Some things to keep in mind when exploring the affordability of special programs

[20:34] When and how to disclose learning differences to test administrators and colleges, and how to know when it’s appropriate to do so

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