#005 Advice for Students Considering Medicine and Healthcare Careers

For over 20 years, admissions expert, Luisa Rabe, has been working with students interested in the medical field and has helped nearly 1,000 students gain acceptance into medical schools of their choice. And when working with her a student discovers in the process that medical school isn’t for them, she helps guide them in a better direction that fits their wiring.

Luisa reveals what you’ll need to get into med school and how to discover if your teen really wants to be a scientist, healer, and educator in the medical field. You’ll learn the skills and qualities a good doctor embodies and recommended high school and college extracurriculars, college GPA, and majors that are recommended for future medical school admission. 

If you don’t know what her recommended “glide year” is, you’ll definitely want to consider it in your planning. 


  • (3:53) Other healthcare careers to consider in addition to doctor
  • (4:55) Students who start investigating medicine, but find it doesn’t fit
  • (6:40) The 5 personal skills it takes to be a doctor – does your teen have them
  • (8:48) What GPA does it take to get admitted to medical school & what courses matter most
  • (10:14) How selective are nursing programs
  • (11:50) What are the best majors for pre-med
  • (13:55) Curricular and extracurricular advice for high school students to figure out sooner rather than later if medicine is a fit 
  • (19:15) The timeline for applying to medical school and the application process
  • (21:54) What the important “glide year” is

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