#008 A NASA research scientists geology career pathway

Could you really work at NASA even if you don’t naturally excel at math and science? Kyra Kim joins the College and Career Clarity podcast to tell us how to overcome preconceived limitations. She’s had an interesting journey from taking the LSAT while still in high school in South Korea, to now working as an earth scientist at CalTech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California.

She tells us how she figured out what was intuitive for her and what wasn’t so she could not only choose her path but work hard to get there. Driven by an interest in human rights, Kyra explains how and why she decided on geology over law. She’ll talk about the key qualities of a research scientist and how she learned the importance of humility.

Kyra’s passion is to inspire more female students to pursue career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). She’s revealing the truth behind some of the preconceived notions of working in those fields. Even if you or your student might not be a whiz in math or science, her amazing story will open you up to new possibilities.


  • Careers at NASA for both earth and space
  • Different career paths for geology undergraduates
  • How Kyra ruled out being a lawyer and found her way in high school
  • What lawyers do
  • Qualities of research scientists

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