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If you’ve not done the work while you’re in high school, then it might be really difficult to write a solid Why my major essay. See in launch career clarity, we do a deep, deep dive, not only knowing yourself, but my methodology of researching careers and then curating those experiences by doing so students, when they get to clarity will easily be able to write the why my major essay that many colleges require at the time of application.


I’m often asked, what will students gain by going through my launch career clarity course. Well, it’s a great question. And if you’re listening to this in real time, it’s the perfect time to answer it. Why? Because launch career clarity is open for enrollment for the last time. This year. I’m welcoming in students who are 15, 16, 17, 18, even young adults in college or recent graduates into the course so that they can launch their career clarity.


In addition to the very obvious outcome that your team will confidently be able to know what major to apply to and to what future career it leads to. There are numerous other outcomes from inside the course that will help along the way with the college bound journey. In addition to that college major and career clarity, confidence, your family will be able to identify what colleges to visit because well, once you know the major, it makes it all a whole lot easier to find the colleges to then take the time and energy budget to do the visits.


You know, it’s not necessary to get on every single college campus before a student applies to college. As a matter of fact, my oldest son, my 24 year old Trent, when we were going through this process, the college that he ultimately ended up enrolling at did have his major, but we didn’t visit it until he was accepted.


And we knew what his scholarship package was. It wasn’t in our backyard, so we didn’t wanna yet take the time and the money to make the visit possible. So once we knew we went ahead and went, so I just wanna assure you that if you think you’ve gotta get on every campus prior to making that application and hitting submit, it’s really not necessary.


However, the task of identifying the colleges and vetting them starting online, which is what I always recommend doing, will be a whole lot easier once you’ve reached that college major and career clarity. Now, in addition to those obvious outcomes from inside the course, when I’m teaching students how to align their extracurricular pursuits and the five other types of ways that I think students should get up close.


And personal with the careers that they’re considering. I give students my organizational system for teens to track their extracurriculars. So I teach ’em how to use it inside the course. And when we’re working on that, we’re talking about how to use those extracurriculars to not only create high value extracurriculars, which actually I talked about in a previous podcast episode that I’m gonna link in the show.


But also how to use those extracurricular endeavors to vet different careers, to get up close and personal and make informed decisions about, are you ruling this career in or are you ruling it out? And as they do that work and they take the time to track those extracurriculars, I’ve put it into an organizational format that aligns with the common.


The common app, you can find it@commonapp.org is the application to nearly 1000 universities to date. It’s growing every year, nearly 1000 universities use it for students to apply to their college. That’s about one third of the most popular four year universities in the United States. So it’s one application.


It goes out to any of those colleges, to which you wish to apply. Yes. There’s a separate fee for each one of those. They all have this section called the activity section. And what I’ve done inside the course is my extracurricular. Tracking system aligns perfectly to each one of the fields for each of the 10 extracurriculars your students are allowed to put on their application so that when it comes time to apply, it’s a simple copy and paste right into the application.


We’ve already done the work when we’re working inside launch career clarity. Now, in addition to saving time on that, which can be huge. Every student has to write a, what we call a personal statement. That’s what it’s called on the common. It’s also known as your college essay to put it in simpler terms when you’re doing this, it’s the one way that the student gets to bring their own voice into the application.


And this is where the colleges are looking to get to know the student at a deeper level. Apart from the extracurriculars, the GPA, the a C, T, or the S a T scores, possibly the AP scores. If you’re putting them in. And by having the deep, personal insights and knowledge that the student gains by working through pillar, one of my three pillar module in launch career clarity, pillar, one that is know yourself.


So you need to know yourself deeply. It will be much easier to be able to express yourself when writing the personal statement or that college essay. That’s going to go out to all the colleges, to which you. Now, in addition to that essay, a lot of colleges have extra what we call supplemental essays that the student needs to write.


When applying to college, couple of those common ones are why are college and why your major? So why are college, why your major. And the, why are college essay? The college is looking for the students to connect who they are. What they want in a college, what they’re going to study in the college to their future.


And so why does studying that major at that school fit? What sets it apart? How do they go about educating your student curricularly and extracurricularly that aligns to the. So the work that we’re doing inside launch career clarity enables a student to write a really good yr college. There are many different takes on that essay.


It can just be as simple as why our college, sometimes it’s a combination of why our college, why you’re major. So why would you choose to study that major at our school? Many colleges also have the separate why my major essay. So if you’ve not done the work while you’re in high school, then it might be really difficult to write a solid Y my major.


See in launch career clarity, we do a deep, deep dive, not only knowing yourself, but my methodology of researching careers and then curating those experiences by doing so students, when they get to clarity will easily be able to write the why my major essay that many colleges require at the time of application.


Did you know that many schools, actually, the majority of schools ask students to identify what major they’re applying to. Some colleges are friendlier to undecided students than not. And there’s a growing number of colleges that have certain in demand majors. Where the student, if they don’t apply to that major in the 12th grade, then the doors closed.


They cannot later switch into that major, actually a new school that we’re gonna add to that list. It’s a growing list was at the time, the day of this recording, I saw on the news at the university of California, Berkeley campus is taking that approach with their most sought after major. Among those majors, computer science, economics, data science and psychology.


Actually there’s a side note on data science. A lot of schools reserve data science for a graduate level degree, and they don’t offer undergraduate programs. That is something that I also help students figure out how to know what schools have that major. So beyond getting at the. Of college, major and career clarity for teens before they hit submit on applications, we’re doing a lot of other work.


That’s going to make the whole college bound process easier for you and your team. The doors are open for only a short period of time. And again, it is for the last time this year. So if you’re listening in real time, head on over, I’ll put the link in the show. To flourish, coaching co.com/course and sign up.


And I hope that you’ll join me on the inside, where we’ll make amazing progress and fantastic transformation in moving your team forward in getting them motivated, clear and confident about what comes after graduat. If you’re listening to this at a later date, head on over to the same URL where you can sign up to be notified.


The next time I open the doors, regardless of now or later, I hope to see you on the inside.