#6 Sneak Peek of the Launch Career Clarity Course Transcript



You don’t want to have your kid going on campus, visiting campuses that they fall in love with, and then that campus can’t get them to that future career. You might also be feeling like, and I hear this all the time. Like when I was in high school, every college took the act and the sat. Now I hear that they take either, or they don’t even want test scores, like so much has changed that you’re feeling lost and confused.


Not able to really give direction to your kid. And I want your kid to have as many open doors and opportunities without limiting options as possible.


Well, hello. On today’s episode, I’m doing something a little different. It’s a solo episode, and I’m going to pull back the curtain on my launch career clarity. See, I’m getting tons of questions. And I believe in being completely transparent on everything involved in the course so that your family can make the right timely decision on whether you’re going to join me on the end side.


Here’s the deal. If you’re listening to this in real time, this episode. Is going live two days before we close enrollment for the last time, this school year. Yep. The doors are going to close at midnight Pacific time on February 24th. And I’m not going to offer the course again this school year. So I want you to be able to make the right decision.


So let’s just pretend. You’re here. You’re at my house in Cincinnati and we’re sitting down on the sofa. And regardless of what time of day it is, we have our favorite beverage. I literally have my coffee sitting right next to me right now. And we’re just going to chat over what goes on in the course so that you can make the right decision for yourself as a parent.


And your student to see if this can get you what you need to get unstuck, be able to make college list that fits. You know, one thing I hear from people all the time is they excitedly go into this college major college mountain journey, college clarity process. And they hit a wall when it comes to making the right list.


We just completed a college list challenge with the people inside my launch college and career clarity Facebook group. And we focused on academic fit, financial fit, social. That’s the whole, like, do I like the campus and college major fit, because you don’t want to have your kid going on campus, visiting campuses that they fall in love with, and then that campus can’t get them to that future career.


You might also be feeling like, and I hear this all the time. Like when I was in high school, every college took the act and the sat now I hear that they take either, or they don’t even want test scores, like so much has changed that you’re feeling lost and confused. Not able to really give direction to your kid.


And I want your kid to have as many open doors and opportunities without limiting options as possible. Another common theme I hear as people come into our community of launch. Parents feeling that their student is unmotivated or disinterested and planning the future that they put it off. The disinterest looks like they won’t create time.


They refuse to have conversations and I hear parents are worried and frustrated over. I want to look at that for a second. You know, when we get really, when something big happens, our natural response for any of us, our kids, or us as adults, and they’re less equipped than we are, is to move into fight or flight.


Right. So that is the brain’s way of going in and protecting itself. Well, I would ask you as a parent to consider is that your student probably does want the answers. They do want to be able to plan. They’re not unmotivated or disinterested in going to college or graduation and what comes next. They’re just overwhelmed, not disinterested.


So flight, my friend can look a lot like unmotivated, so let’s try to put a different lens on that. And here’s my experience. Your kid, when they have a step-by-step framework and they’re surrounded by a community of individuals that is, they’re all doing the same work and they’ve got the support that they need.


And it’s not, you know, you always hear that. Like how do you eat the elephant one bite at a time? How do you eat the frog? You know, one bite at a time. Okay. That sounds gross. And those are yucky, but really there’s some truth in the one bite at a time. So that’s what we want to do. One bite at a time to get you and your team to where you need to be because graduation’s coming.


There’s not a parent pause button. My three kids are now young adults. I was recently in your shoes and I frequently felt like as frustrating as it can be these teenagers. Sometimes we know it’s ending in and we love having them with us and we want the best for them and things were busy and I just wanted to hit.


But the reality is the system is set up that your students going to be applying to college in the fall of their senior year. There is no parent pause button. And so if you’re like, And you really just want happy, thriving, independent launched kids who, despite what kids sometimes think we don’t want them moving back in to our basements after graduation.


We don’t want them saddled with debt. We want everybody to be living independently them and you, so let’s do this together because I know because I’ve experienced it with the families I’ve worked with thousands of times. Over 3,400 families. Now that together we can accomplish getting your kid successfully launched.


So without waiting another moment, let’s dive right into what I do in the course. So there are three pillars in the work that I do. Pillar. One is. Working with students so that they deeply deeply know themselves. So pillar one, know yourself, pillar two, no careers. We’re looking for alignment. Once we know ourselves really well, then I’m directing my students onto knowing what careers are out there and being able to look for alignment to who they are.


Once they know themselves and know careers and can make a decision on what that first step in the work is. Then we dive into pillar three, which is know your path. So how do we get to what we’ve identified? As we go into this, there’s some pre-work before I even dropped the first of the five modules. So we’ve got five modules and more than 20 lessons inside the course, I’ll go over these in just a second, but as soon as you register, so I’m already waiting inside for you right now.


So if you are like, yeah, I’m already in like head on over to flourish, coaching code.com forward. Course and sign up. I’m inside. I’m waiting for you with a welcome video. Then we go into our pre-work. So when we’re going into this next cohort, Friday, February 25th, our pre-work drops. What is our pre-work?


Our pre-work is taking the Birkman personality assessment. So we’ll authorize all students the day after the course enrollment closes to take their Birkman personality assessment, but I want to be really clear about something. The Birkman personality assessment. It gives us data and information to work with, but I firmly believe that no one personality assessment can be the end, all be all answer to your team’s future to my kids’ future, to my future, it gives us information, but we need to like tie that together and take it through my process.


So that we can then make informed decisions. So one of my clients, Jen, , this makes me think of her, her daughter who’s already in college. She did the process with me when she was in high school. Jen son actually attends a private high school that has had the kids. Two different assessments to give them information on themselves to make these important decisions.


But she knew they were still lacking something. There was a gap. So she registered her son for my course last fall because you know what was lacking. And Jen knew this because she was a previous client. It was the coaching, the pulling it all together because the assessment can not be the end. All be.


Okay. So the pre-work is we’re going to take the Birkman. We’re going to release that Birkman on Monday, February 28th. But here’s the deal. If your kids busy that weekend, they can take it when it’s convenient for them. See my courses designed to be completed in six weeks. I give you live support. I’m going to be doing it with you.


You’re not on your own. We’re going to be doing it to gather for seven weeks. I’m going to show up. Okay. So I’m going to be there to answer your questions, but you have access for a full year because I know your kids are busy. They’ve got academics, extracurriculars, act, and sat, testing and outlet. Let’s not forget a very busy social life with their friends, which is their number one priority.


So if things get busy, you can always hit pause and come back to it because you have access to the course for a full. So I’ve also learned that bite size chunks, like I mentioned before, it worked best. So inside my five modules, I have smaller lessons. Lessons might be as small as a three-minute video or a 15 minute video to guide students through.


And then they have some work to do after the video, but here’s the deal. You find the time for your family that works to get moving on this. I’ve found that even a tiny bit of momentum from watching a five minute video and going through an exercise can create lighting the fire to keep that momentum going for your student to begin making progress and feeling like this is doable.


The old adage is true. An object in motion stays in motion. So I’m trying to get your student in bite sized chunks to get momentum in motion because objects in motion, stay in motion and objects that were asked. Well, yeah, you get it. They just stay at rest. They stay in overwhelm. So we’re going to design this to keep the momentum going, you know, Tasha and Rich enrolled both their 10th and their 12th graders in my course at the same time.


Their hope was to create momentum and for their son who was a 12th grader to get clarity before graduation. Well, they were able to accomplish both of those things. Tasha recently shared to me that when we were in module three of the course, teaching the methodology on research and careers that she enrich, we’re ready to head out to a family event.


You know, the nagging, come on, kid, let’s get moving and get to the car. We got to go. We want to be on time. And what was it that was keeping her kids from getting up and moving. They were knee deep in researching their careers and they didn’t want to stop because they were getting important revelations.


Now that’s momentum and I love it. Okay. So one of the things that I want to share with you guys is that we’re going to show up every Tuesday live. And in those lives, parents and students are welcome. I regularly have both parents and students on. Sometimes a student has a conflict and the parent goes ahead and incomes instead, or parents aren’t on and their kids come.


And I, I actually, I recorded every single launch live and we put them inside our members area. So if you can’t attend live, you still have access to watch it when it’s convenient for you. Now, while I do welcome parents and students into those launch lives and into the course, because I. I feel that I am serving both parents and students, because you’re a family.


I want to remind everybody that your kid needs to be in the driver’s seat. You know, I go on a college visit. I’m like, wow, this is amazing. I would love to go back to college. Well, we’re not the ones going, and this is their future. So parents, if you’ve been in the driver’s seat, I’m going to work with you to move you into the passenger seat and then into the back seat.


And then eventually our goal is to be out of that car. Our role is to be rooting our kids on giving them resources, asking curious questions to keep that momentum going, but it’s their journey. So we do the pre-work. We do our first launch live to get to know each other and orient you. And then module one, we’ll drop that very first Thursday from there on modules drop on Thursdays.


Why did I choose Thursdays? Because what I learned, actually the hard way, this has been a change that I. What I learned is families tend to set aside the time over the weekend because you’re two ships passing in the night. During the week, parents are busy, kids are busy. And so carving out intentional time over the weekend to do the work.


And I will coach you through that is what works best. Patty Perry. She’s one of the launch moms in our Facebook community, and she was doing the college list challenge with us recently. And she shared with me that her family have established a weekly meeting with their daughter. And they try to not, it’s really hard.


They try not to talk about any of the things related to college until that time, because see, for us as parents, we’re worried about these things. We know they’re important. They’re on our mind. We could talk about them night and day. And I talked about this in episode, one of the podcasts with a school counselor, school and college counselor.


And you can go back and listen to that if you want. But that’s what I suggested. Have intentional time. So we’re not overwhelming our kids because that is part of them shutting down. So module one drops, it’s pillar one. Now yourself, this time we’re going to look at how you’re wired. So the first thing we do is they’ve got their Birkman report module.


One’s all about walking out, understanding the depth of the data that’s in the Birkman report and what it says about our students. Motivations, their personal strength, style, their needs and expectations from other people and their work environment. So they’ll know all of those things by the end of module one, they will understand their hardwired personality deeply.


And then when we get to pillar two, no careers, we’re going to be looking for alignment to who they are and what they learned about them. So module two drops, week two, this is still on the know yourself pillar, but it’s how our kids are showing up in the world. Because beyond that hardwired personality, our kids, we got to look at their academics.


I mean, let’s be honest. I think it’d be really cool to be a brain surgeon, but I’m just going to be honest. Like I am not smart enough to do all the things required to get credentialed, to do that job. So. Honesty here is about your academic profile, your personal values. I have this is really fun. I just made it myself.


It’s an interactive values sort where the student gets a drag and drop and a high values, medium values, low values. Like that’s an important part of who you are. Sometimes we have to say, what limitations do I have? Do I have some neurodiversity or do I have a health condition that puts some limitations on me that goes into this?


And so then we wrap up pillar one, know yourself by helping your kids. Step-by-step create a linked in profile. And we use LinkedIn throughout the course in ways that parents, if you’re on there, ways that you cannot even imagine to get your kid to clarify. On that future college major and career. One of my most fun things I do is a hot seat experience.


I take student volunteers, only volunteers. I don’t force anybody to do it. And I usually have plenty that want to volunteer. And during the launch live, we look at the LinkedIn profile that they put together and we celebrate. What’s awesome about it? And we look for opportunities to improve it, and that helps everybody look for ways that they can improve their own.


So it’s a really neat, and it’s a fun, hot seat experience. The really fun part is a couple of weeks later, the kids get to put me on the hot seat. And surprise me and give me some challenges. And so we have fun putting each other on the hot seat. It’s super fun. And if somebody is not comfortable with that and they just want to be a lawyer, they can just watch, they don’t have to go onto the hot seat.


So as we move into pillar two, no careers, you know, kids only know what they are exposed to. They know what a teacher is. They know a pediatrician, they know the school nurse, they know the jobs that their parents. That’s really, it they’ve limited career exposure, frankly. A lot of parents, most parents do too.


Sarah. Reinhardt’s a mom that took her oldest daughter through our course recently. And she said her daughter as a sophomore was just really anxious to get moving on. Like, what am I going to be? And our daughter was defaulting to what her dad did. And Sarah thought, I know Moore’s out there, but I’m at a loss as to how to help her.


So they entered the course and they discovered jobs that they, neither, one of them ever knew really existed. And now she says we just have relief as a family. So that’s what we do at the module. Module three, no careers is when we start with the second Berkman report. So the second Berkman report gives students a list of careers, so they can quickly find a line to what they might want to consider.


And it says, based on your Birkman scores, you look a lot like the people, the adults over here, working in these jobs who are doing these jobs and love their job. And here’s a list of jobs where you like nothing like the people who love their jobs. So this is key information and it immediately funnels us down to a list of jobs to choose to research.


That is the focus of module three. It’s my no-fail research methodology. This is the research that I referred to earlier where Tasha and Rich couldn’t get their kids out the door because they were busy researching. That’s how good this part is. It’s Frank. Probably my favorite module of the three. Yep. I have a favorite.


Now what I’m doing this time is I built in an implementation week between modules three and four module three, taking some time to really research careers. And I want to give busy students that extra time and it deserves their attention. And sometimes families have gotten busy and they need that extra time to just catch up.


So wait, I built an implementation week before. We move into module four, no careers, how to curate experiences. So your student will leave module four empowered to speak up and reach out and go out and find ways to experience their careers. I give them my templates. I give him my own verbiage tips, all those things.


Uh, it reminds me of Kira Kim. She is a NASA earth scientist that I previously interviewed. And Kyra shared how, when she was in high school, she really wanted to be a lawyer, but it was a job shadow during high school. That completely solidified it was absolutely not the right fit for her. She then went on a path to study geology, earned her PhD, and now is working for NASA in a super cool job.


She wouldn’t have gotten there. She would have wasted time and money and energy. Had she gone on to think she was going to be a lawyer as she went into college. So. That brings us to the point where once we know that one career, that you’re going to check the box for what college major, then we’re ready to figure out how to know your path.


Now let me say something that knowing the one that’s sounds like, I think there’s this soulmate job out there. I actually don’t believe in soulmates romantically or for future careers. All I’m referring to is what that first step into the world of work is going to be. Not that forever step. I’ve had eight.


What I call micro pivots in my 30 years of working. And here’s what I know because I know myself well and I know careers well that every pivot I’ve done. It shares common traits with the job that I was already in. So there’s no pressure to find the one and we need to remove that pressure from our kids.


We’re helping them design a future instead of drifting into one by chance. But we do have to pick that first step. So module five, know your path. This is all about like how to find the programs to get credentialed. For many of my clients, for most of my clients, they’re heading to college. It’s how to find the schools that have the programs and what to do on the college visits.


See, that’s my core. And that gets you everything you need, but we also have additional bonuses, like the bonus, like the 8,000 plus video library of people talking about what their jobs are like in bite sized chunks. My student, Colin, his mom told me that that was key for her because it was an invaluable resource because it gave Colin the information.


And a way that he could digest instead of having to read about it. I also give three Birkman bonus reports customized to your kid, the teen talk package, how your student wants to interact with you and others. The self-management performance, time management, learning style, all those great things. And the internship job search and interview packet.


My student Lucas recently told me that he nailed his words, his honors business college interview. Because he had that report and I said, oh my gosh, can I share that wonderful new. So that’s it. That’s in total transparency, what we do and what’s inside and I’m in there waiting for you. I do this because I want you to be able to make the right decision.


I want you to know that your teen is overwhelmed, not disinterested and unmotivated, and that just having the proven resources in a community where we’re actually doing this together can set your team up for success. If you’re sitting here thinking, I don’t know if I can afford it. You can’t afford to not do it.


The cost of the program is less than the cost of college freshmen texts. Yep. I’m in the middle of paying for college and that’s the truth. I also offer a six payment plan and a guarantee. So if you’d pay, you dive in, you get through the first three modules and you’re like, this totally does not work for our family.


I will gladly refund your entire registration fee, but guess what? I’ve only had to do that one time out of over 3,400 students. So I can confidently say, I think is going to work for you. So you’re a busy parent. I’m going to let you go. I was recently in your shoes, but I want to remind you that graduation is coming.


I wasn’t able to stop it. I never found that parent pause button. It just doesn’t exist. And my fall of the senior year, your student will be applying to college. So the doors are open only for a couple more days. Grab your spot and join me. Go to flourish. Coaching co.com forward slash course and get the details.


I’ll list that in the show notes as well, but I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the inside soon.