#035 How my course helps with college visits, lists, apps, essays, & more

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How well does your teen know themself? When seeking college major and career clarity, the most important thing to understand is what aligns with who your teen is. That’s how they’ll find careers perfectly suited for them. In this solo episode, I’m sharing about my Launch Career Clarity course, which is now available for a limited time and is only available for enrollment twice a year. My step-by-step framework helps your high school student with improving their extracurriculars, writing personal statements and essays, and comes with a lot of other useful information. Keep listening to learn how my course not only helps identify the best fit major and career but will set your student up to save time on future college applications and stand out from the crowd.


My Launch Career Clarity course is designed to help teens understand themself and what college majors and careers align with them, I provide my proprietary system to research careers and provide up-close experiences to get clear on what comes after graduation. I’m often asked what exactly students will gain from the course, and I always begin with confidence. Whether your teen is just entering high school, wondering if they need to visit every college on your list, or a recent graduate trying to find what’s next, clarity can go a long way towards launching.

In addition to a deep dive into college majors and career insights, the additional benefits are numerous. What I teach positions students to also write a much better Personal Statement or College Essay for college applications, as well as the various other “Why My Major” and “Why Our College” essay questions. Schools care about more than just your extracurriculars, GPA, ACT, or SAT scores. They want to know students at a deeper level, and required and optional essays bring that personal voice into the application. Students need to know themselves deeply to express themselves and what they want to study in college. In my course, that’s exactly what we do.

The Common App is used by nearly 1000 colleges and universities in the US. When your student completes module 4 of the course, we’ve already completed the required “activities” section in the exact required format. So in essence, your teen will kill two birds with one stone! They’ve already done the work inside Launch Career Clarity.


  • Essays your student will write for college apps and how the Launch Career Clarity Course helps the process
  • How Lisa’s course makes completing the “Activities” section of college applications a simple copy and paste
  • Why your teen will know which colleges to visit and where to apply as a result of the course

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[00:35] My Launch Career Clarity course, available for a limited time

[01:50] Remember, it’s not necessary to visit every college

[02:46] My course can help improve student extracurriculars 

[03:54] The Common App and college applications

[04:55] Teens need to understand themselves well to write great personal statements

[06:02] Teens knowing themself well also helps with writing various application essays

[07:55] Some schools are restricting majors, so picking early is essential

[09:03] My course will be closing soon, so sign up today!

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