#064 Is Entrepreneurship the Right Path for Your Teen with Ryan Henry

In this episode Lisa and Ryan discuss:

  • The six essential traits of successful entrepreneurs 
  • How teenagers can test the waters of entrepreneurship now
  • Is college necessary and beneficial for entrepreneurship
  • What do entrepreneurs need to succeed? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Our desire to take wisdom, our learnings, and lessons from leaps, guides better start-ups and a better life. 
  • The six essential traits of an entrepreneur in the making are visionary, driven, passionate, problem solver, risk taker, and responsible. 
  • Entrepreneurs need mentors and a learning environment where they can meet other people like them to succeed.
  • Knowing thyself is the first step for teens and young adults to take as they explore the real world of entrepreneurs with the support of their parents.

“The number one predictor of future success for those CEOs was not socio-economic background, it wasn’t where they went to college, or if they went to college. It was how well they knew themselves. Self-awareness is the best predictor of future success.”  

– Ryan Henry

About Ryan:

Ryan is a 3rd generation entrepreneur who grew up in a family business with a ‘family of businesses’ that involved shoe stores, lumber yards, real estate, and life insurance. His passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs, learn how to use the E-Leap Roadmap to start a better start-up, implement EOS and live the EOS Life. Ryan is committed to mastering his craft as the Visionary of E-Leap and as an EOS Implementer. 

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