#065 How Your Teen Can Get Admitted to the College They Love with Marni Levine

In this episode Lisa and Marni discuss:

  • How you and your student can stay positive and be celebrating when decisions come in
  • Keeping a realistic perspective on the likelihood of getting into each college
  • Why proper college major planning is key to success  
  • Prioritizing your teen’s mental health through the college-bound journey
  • What tasks you as the parent should do (and shouldn’t)

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a source of pride for you to know your child has been admitted to the college and major of your choice, where your teenager will excel, be given opportunities, and learn a lot.
  • The best way of keeping perspective on the likelihood of getting into college is to truly dig into data.  
  • It is important for your student to be clear on their reason for entering college, which is anything from a fun adulting experience to opportunities to develop skills to being credentialed for a future job 
  • Parental pressure and expectations must be managed for students to be empowered.
  • As a parent, your honesty through engaging in real conversations and showing great career counseling support is essential to know your teen is on the right path. 

“Whatever the idea is, that is your child’s journey. Be proud, celebrate them, and be proud of yourself to pat yourself on the back.”  – Marni Levine 

About our guest Marni Levin:

Marni is a Mentor and Professional Member of IECA. She is an independent educational consultant who has helped hundreds of families over the last 15 years by guiding them along the college admissions journey including hand-holding, cheerleading, and off-the-cuff therapy sessions. The skills she learned as an Advertising/Public Relations major at Boston University, equipped her for creating a comprehensive program to help high school students develop a unique picture of who they are so that they can find and be admitted to the perfect fit college where they will shine. 

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