#070 Military Service Academies with Lisa Rielage

In this episode Lisa and Lisa discuss:

  • What a military service academy is and how the experience differs from that of a traditional college.
  • The different college majors are emphasized at each military service academy. 
  • What leadership looks like for applicants (and it’s not about the job title). 
  • Requirements for military service academy applications and nominations. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • When graduating from a service academy, your student will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree and be commissioned into a branch of the military according to where you attended. 
  • Early in high school, students want to start thinking about their choices if they are considering attending a military service academy. This will give teens a chance to modify their runway and make changes to their habits as needed. 
  • Academics are the single biggest part of the application, but military service academies are also looking at athletics and leadership. 
  • Apply to every nomination the student is eligible for. The process will likely be different depending on each nominator.

 “You’re not going to get through the military service academy curriculum with all of the co-curricular responsibilities without being a master of time management, and if you’re not a master of time management coming in, you will be going out.”

– Lisa Rielage

About Lisa Rielage:

Lisa is the founder of Admissions Decrypted. She graduated from the Naval Academy, served as a Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer, and is a military spouse. With decades of experience, she is a go-to expert for students interested in military college programs. 

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