076 Who Should Consider Christian Colleges with Jeremiah Gonia

In this episode, Lisa and Jeremiah discuss:

  • The nuances of the student experience at Christian colleges and universities. 
  • The evolution of Christian colleges. 
  • Majors that are commonly found at Christian universities and combined programs to meet your career goals. 
  • The student experience for students of all faiths when attending a Christian college. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Not all Christian universities are part of the CCCU. There are other options for finding additional Christian colleges and universities around the country. 
  • No two schools are alike, especially in Christian Universities. Do your research to find what works for your student and your family. 
  • Do your homework – many Christian colleges have majors that can support your student’s career goals, even if they are more of a niche major or require utilizing a combined program with another university. 
  • Christian colleges and universities fall along the whole spectrum of aspects, from size to student life to majors. If your student is interested in a Christian college, there are likely options out there that fit their goals. 

“I encourage families to visit colleges, there’s a wide range. Then ask the hard questions. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what is going to be most beneficial as they’re going through that process and finding ways for them to further flourish.” – Jeremiah Gonia

About Jeremiah Gonia:

I have worked in Higher Education for almost 9 years and worked within various roles in college admissions ranging from campus visit coordinator to my current role as the Associate Director for Undergraduate Admissions at Asbury University. In addition to my role as an Enrollment Counselor, I work alongside various offices on campus including our Financial Aid office, Registrar, Provost Office, Student Life, and Athletics. I am a current member of NACCAP, NACAC, and KYACAC organizations. 

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