#081 Free Resources to Search for Colleges that Fit Your Teen with Susie Watts

In this episode Lisa and Susie discuss:

  • When to really start diving deep into your student’s college search. 
  • Focusing on the high school experience before pushing the college experience. 
  • The importance of spending time on the college website. 
  • Utilizing the various social media platforms to learn more about colleges. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • To know which college your student wants to attend, they first need to know why they want to attend. 
  • Utilizing Google Sheets to organize your student’s college lists with all their information is completely free and keeps everything in one place. 
  • Some schools are more welcoming to those who are undecided about their major going into college. If your student is unsure of what they want to major in, that should be a factor they are considering. 
  • Plot your student’s college fair strategy – they can be overwhelming if you go in unarmed. 


“The statistics are pretty grim in that most kids don’t spend much time on the college website. And it’s really invaluable information because this is where college puts out everything they believe in and everything they offer.” – Susie Watts


About Susie Watts:

I am a college consultant and author with 30 years of experience. I have written many articles and blogs on college admission and will be publishing my new book, “Beyond the GPA: How to Give Your Student an Edge with College Admission” on Amazon on August 1st. I assist students with building a college list, creating compelling essays and applications, understanding the complexities of paying for college, and how to navigate the college admission process. 


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