#085 Upcoming Changes to Federal Financial Aid with Beth Walker

In this episode, Lisa and Beth discuss:

  • The changes to NEED based financial aid for students attending college in 2024 or later. 
  • Why changes are being made to the FAFSA application. 
  • The goal of making higher education more accessible to those who need financial help. 
  • Different financial aid forms: FAFSA versus the CSS Profile. 
  • Taking back control as consumers of college education. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Every family is unique and has different financial needs. Understanding the application processes and changes is key to knowing what is best for your family. 
  • The Student Aid Index is how the college is going to look at your student’s household for aid eligibility, not specifically what the student is expected to pay. 
  • Families with 2 or more students in college at the same time will see their costs increase based on the FAFSA alone. 
  • This is a student-centered process. There needs to be an integration between the student, their desired path, and affordability. 

“There’s a strong belief that more schools are going to use the CSS Profile this year because that does offer the discount for multiple kids.” – Beth Walker

About Beth Walker:

Beth is the author of Never Pay Retail for College. She is a mom on a mission, protecting parents during their most emotionally and financially vulnerable phase of life. Beth is all about helping other moms and dads create better futures – for the students heading off to college and the parents they leave behind.

Beth’s new book, Buy College Better (out in August 2023), will detail her formula for successfully “buying” college while saving tens of thousands of dollars on the overall cost of getting kids on their path to a better future. 

Beth’s college FICO® score philosophy has helped parents maintain their current lifestyle and stay on track for retirement while sending their kids to schools that provide that “right fit” education. 

Beth is the founder of the Center for College Solutions, Senior Financial Specialist for Strategies for College, and a Wealth Advisor for Carson Wealth.


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