#086 Advice for High School Athletes About Playing in College with Dave Morris

In this episode, Lisa and Dave discuss:

  • The lucrative nature of college athletics.
  • How coaches and a ready-made set of peers can support their student-athletes. 
  • Creating a holistic college fit for your student-athlete. 
  • Who to talk to about your student’s major and sport to understand time conflicts. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Only 5% of high school athletes go on to continue in college sports. But that number is deceptive because many do not want to continue and there is more opportunity than it may seem for your student who does want to continue in athletics.
  • Because of associations built during athletics, those students tend to be more invested alum than other students. 
  • There are elite programs in every division of college athletics, and non-elite programs within every division. Just because a school is a D1 does not make it a more elite program. 
  • Ask questions at the college level in advance, both of the coaches and the program directors of your student’s major. 


“There’s one guy whose job is 100% to determine whether you can play Ohio State, you should email him. If he ignores you, that’s your answer.” – Dave Morris


About Dave Morris:

Dave Morris, College Athletic Advisor’s founder and CEO, has spent more than two decades helping prospective soccer student-athletes find their 360° fit in college: academically, athletically, socially, and financially. His expert guidance supports students as they navigate the diverse, rapidly evolving world of college sports. 

This includes facilitating connections with college coaches, developing application materials including essays, negotiating athletic scholarships or financial aid offers, and making informed decisions on committing to a college where the student can truly excel. As a coach, educator, and college administrator with experience at every NCAA level, high school, and in elite sports clubs, Dave’s insight and understanding of the recruiting landscape is truly unique. He is a member of the IECA, NACAC, PNACAC and a graduate of the University of Michigan in Asian Studies, with a master’s degree in Sports Management from Frostburg State University (MD). Today, Dave lives with his wife, Sharon, and daughter, Sydney, in Tumwater, Washington. 


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