#090 Should my teen take the Online ACT? with Adam Snoza

In this episode, Lisa and Adam discuss:

  • The upcoming rollout for the national test date Online ACT and what it means for students. 
  • What your student can expect to be different between the online and paper ACT. 
  • Tools, both digital and physical, to use while prepping for and taking the Online ACT. 
  • Pros and cons of the Online ACT versus paper testing. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • There are many unpredictable pieces with the online ACT which doesn’t serve students well. 
  • The Online ACT will have limited availability as it is rolled out starting in December 2023 and into 2024. 
  • Many testing strategies that work for the paper ACT do not translate to the Online ACT. 
  • If your student is taking the Online ACT at a different school, they do not necessarily know what size screen, if there is a mouse or a trackpad, or what other technologies will be available. 


We’re not talking about what you’re capable of, we’re talking about what is best suited for the learners and what is best for a testing environment. I think having a student that has practice with ACT paper, then throwing them in the digital would be a fair assessment of the tool overall.” – Adam Snoza


About Adam Snoza:

Adam Snoza graduated from Creighton University and was a high school English teacher for nine years in both public and private schools. He has spent 15 years in ACT test prep. He is the owner of Aim High Test Prep in Omaha, NE, and is also the lead instructor and curriculum developer, authoring his own 350-page instructional Manual.


Adam is a trainer for ACT’s Instructional Mastery program (AIM) in all five certification areas, co-authored the Official ACT Mathematics Guide 2nd ed. and the ACT Official Guide, and has been a presenter for the National Test Prep Association (NTPA) and will present at the upcoming Upper Midwest ACT State Conference.


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