#091 How ROTC Programs Train Future Officers & Help Pay For College with Lisa Rielage

In this episode, Lisa and Lisa discuss:

  • Why your student shouldn’t write off a ROTC program in college, even if they did in high school. 
  • How an ROTC program at a public university is different from the military academies. 
  • The competitive nature of the ROTC scholarship requirements and how they vary between the branches.  
  • Avoiding procrastination – how your student can prepare and understand the requirements in advance. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Your student does not need to attend a specific military academy to participate and qualify for an ROTC program. 
  • Not every college has an ROTC unit. If your student is interested in participating, they will want to make that a factor in their college list. 
  • Each branch of the military has its own ROTC program – their applications and units are distinct. Each branch also has a scholarship program. 
  • It is more common for colleges to have one of the ROTC programs, but not all three. If your student is considering multiple branches, there are often crosstown programs, so they will want to do their research in advance. 


Don’t be afraid of the ROTC unit staff. They are not only there to train the college cadets and midshipmen that are in the unit, but also to talk to interested students. They want to communicate what their program is like, they want to answer questions because they know the message isn’t out there.” – Lisa Rielage


About Lisa Rielage:

Lisa Rielage is an Independent Educational Consultant and the founder of Admissions Decrypted. She graduated from the Naval Academy, served as a Naval Academy admissions liaison, and is also a military spouse. Because she has decades of experience with the military, she is a go-to resource for students interested in military college programs.


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