#094 Strategies for Intentional Parenting in the Teen Years with Keely Ng

In this episode, Lisa and Keely discuss:

  • How coaching can help improve your life, your parenting skills, and your family.
  • Systems and processes for navigating raising teens. 
  • Suggestions for committing to intentional family meetings with teenagers. 
  • Intentionality in small conversations and finding time to empower your teenagers.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Coaches can give you a third-party perspective on what you are doing right and where you might need to make some changes to improve. 
  • Carve out time toward the end of the week when you can have a family meeting or otherwise connect with your teenagers when they aren’t tired and bogged down by school and other obligations. 
  • Make family meetings fun, and you’ll get things done!
  • Coaches can teach you and your teenagers to find agency and autonomy. 


“With teenagers, that consistency piece of just keep showing up even when there is resistance (because that’s one of the hardest things to learn in parenting a teenager, and people want to give up because it gets hard). And if you stick with it, like everything else, they come to look forward to it as their quality time.” – Keely Ng


About Keely Ng:

Keely Ng has been in marketing and sales for over 20 years. In 2019, Keely founded Idea Tree Marketing, a marketing agency that helps businesses grow and scale by defining a clear brand message and implementing proven marketing and sales strategies to win more business. Keely became a Certified Storybrand Guide in 2018 and utilizes the framework to drive growth for her clients. Prior to the inception of Idea Tree, Keely was an independent marketing consultant for 10 years serving financial services, consulting, real estate, and eCommerce clients. In her corporate career, Keely worked in marketing and sales for such renowned brands as Vivendi Universal, Groupe Danone, and Million Dollar Baby. Keely graduated from Union College in Schenectady NY with a BA in Economics. She is the proud mother of 2 children and is an avid runner, meditator, and cook. I give you, Keely Ng! 


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