#095 Navigating ACT & SAT Accommodations: How to Get Approved & Avoid Common Mistakes with Wendy Raynor

In this episode, Lisa and Wendy discuss:

  • Accommodation strategies for your student – both no-brainers and more unique options.
  • Why documentation of accommodations (official and unofficial) is critical.
  • How the new VP of Accommodations for ACT made it easier to get accommodations.
  • What the accommodation application process looks like. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • In notes from teachers, ask them to leave off the flattery and stick purely to the facts of what accommodations were given. 
  • If your school counselor is referencing their ten-plus years of experience, that’s great, but gently remind them the process changed for the positive in 2020.
  • For the ACT, registering your student for the exam is going to kick off the accommodation application process. 
  • Lack of documentation is the biggest reason for denial of accommodation. There should also be an underlying story connecting those documents. 


Start getting letters from the teachers or making sure that you’re saving the notes from your teacher meetings because all of that documentation is showing a history of struggle, even if it’s not officially notated on a 504, IEP, or learning plan.” – Wendy Raynor


About Wendy Raynor:

Wendy has been tutoring college admissions exams for over 13 years. Her tutoring journey began unexpectedly but changed her life forever. She has helped hundreds (if not thousands) of neurodiverse students become successful on these exams. In 2016, she began WRH College Prep which focuses on preparing neurodiverse students for the ACT. In 2019, she became a founding member of the National Test Prep Association and quickly became recognized as the industry leader in standardized test accommodations. Wendy lives outside of Atlanta with her dog, She-Ra, and cat, Cringer.


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