#096 Your Changing Role: Preparing to be a Great College Parent with Andrea Brenner

In this episode, Lisa and Andrea discuss:

  • Struggles parents have in the transition between being a high school parent and a college parent. 
  • Start the transition by finding out where your college-bound student has room to grow. 
  • The areas of college readiness beyond academics. 
  • Supporting students as they transition and build resilience. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Start parenting your college-bound student as a college student, even while they’re still in high school.
  • Parents and teenage students will often have different worries – it is essential to compare those concerns and understand what work can be done while your student is still in high school. 
  • Your student should assess themselves in their study skills, reading skills, and other academic skills. Understanding where they are can help prepare them for more complex skills in college. 
  • Ask your student to come to you with not only their problem but also a possible solution (even if it is just a draft). You can brainstorm it together, but problem-solving is an essential adult skill. 


Families need to take a step back, and students need to take a step up. This is a time for students to become their own fixers.” – Dr. Andrea Brenner


About Andrea Brenner:

Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner is the President of AMBrenner, LLC, and Founder of the Talking College™ card brand. She’s a speaker and college transition educator who brings 25 years as a “college insider” to her presentations for high school and college audiences. 

Andrea is co-author of How to College: What to Know Before You Go (and When You’re There) (Macmillan, St. Martin’s Press), a student-facing book that guides high school graduates through their transition to college. She is the creator of the Talking College™ card decks, which provide insider tips and discussion prompts for college-bound students and their parents/guardians. 

Dr. Brenner was a sociology professor at American University for 20 years, teaching classes to undergraduate students. Andrea also served as the Creator and first Director of the university’s first-year transition course, as Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Sociology, and as the Faculty Director of the University College Program.


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