#098 How Your Teen Can Benefit from an Honors College with Sylvia Borgo

In this episode, Lisa and Sylvia discuss:

  • Why Honors Colleges should not be an afterthought as your student is making their college list. 
  • What an Honors College is and how it differs from an Honors Program. 
  • Benefits of being in an Honors College. 
  • Differences in application processes for Honors Colleges. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Honors Colleges are intentional about building community, not just academically but also socially. 
  • Many Honors Colleges intend to simulate small, top-tier liberal arts private college curricula at a lower price. 
  • Honors Colleges are often a great fit for students interested in a challenge, in an interdisciplinary course of study, and have many different passions. 
  • There are additional requirements for students in an Honors College. There is no single, correct way to do college, and these additional requirements may not be for your student even if they academically qualify.


There is no one way to do college. If you choose an Honors College, great! If you choose to do Robotics League and marching band, but not the Honors College, if you decide that you’re going to graduate in three years, fantastic! Everything is perfectly fine on the table; you can consider whatever is best for you.” – Sylvia Borgo


About Sylvia Borgo:

Sylvia is an independent educational consultant based in California who works with students and families who want to simplify the college prep and admissions journey by bringing structure to the process. Her student-centered approach guides students through research and conversations to help them make informed choices for their best-fit college.

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