#104 Navigating College Paths for Music and Performing Arts Majors with Dr. Christine Gangelhoff

In this episode, Lisa and Christine discuss:

  • When your student should begin developing their foundation for those application requirements if they are considering performance arts majors. 
  • The transferable skills of students with a music or other performing arts major.
  • The commitment required for co-majors, double majors, and minors, and how they can ease student or parent concerns about performing arts majors. 
  • How the statistics around performing arts and other arts careers can be misleading. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Performance arts majors require extensive auditions, portfolios, and essays beyond regular college applications.
  • Preparing early (sophomore/junior year) is key for performance arts majors.
  • Many myths exist around performance arts majors being “starving artists” – many develop multiple income streams.
  • BA vs BM degree offers different flexibility for performance arts students.
  • Performance arts skills (time management, communication, collaboration) are transferable to other careers like medicine or law.


For those students that are high achievers, I always tell the parents they’re going to be fine no matter what they do. These are people that are motivated, they’re driven, they’re focused – that’s more important than what you major in.– Dr. Christine Gangelhoff


About Dr. Christine Gangelhoff:

Dr. Christine Gangelhoff is an educational consultant who specializes in guiding students and parents through the rigorous and competitive performing arts college application process. As a first-generation college student with a passion for music, she forged her own path, finding innovative ways to fund her education and establish a successful career in the field of her dreams. She earned four degrees from colleges with renowned music programs – including Yale University – all funded through scholarships, grants, and student loans. Her career includes a diverse array of pursuits and achievements including work as a professor of music, performer, recording artist, arts administrator, published author and scholar, and educational and career consultant. She has a passion for helping young students to establish academic and career paths to achieve their musical goals and pursue their dreams.


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