#106 The College Admissions Interview, What to Expect and How to Prep with Vince Garcia

In this episode, Lisa and Vince discuss:

  • The three different types of admissions interviews. 
  • Benefits of participating in a college admissions interview. 
  • How your student can demonstrate interest and show their voice to the interviewer. 
  • Steps to prepare for admissions interviews. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Typically, your student must have their college application submitted before they can interview. 
  • Most admissions interviews are currently being done via Zoom. However, if it is in person and the interview is at someone’s house, do not allow your student to go alone. 
  • Not all colleges and universities will do interviews. Don’t rely solely on the common application to know what the schools require and what is available to your student. 
  • Be proactive and plan ahead. Your student will want to check their student portal and email regularly, as interview opportunities that were not available before may appear there. 


One of the ways I tell students to prepare is to always have five reasons they are applying to the school: three of them connected to their major interest, and two of them can be anything else unique to that school. – Vince Garcia


About Vince Garcia:

Vince is the co-founder and owner of Q&A College Admissions. A graduate of Occidental College, he has worked in college admissions, college counseling, and scholarship selections with students of all abilities since 1989. 

His experience and qualifications are extensive: 


Occidental, Pomona, Cal Lutheran, UCLA, and UC Berkeley 


Campbell Hall High School, Los Angeles, California 

In 2003, he created the nation’s first college admissions boot camp. During the college counseling application boot camp, high school seniors completed the Common Application, wrote admissions essays, developed a college admissions strategy, produced activity and achievement summaries, and practiced interview techniques. Vince has expertise in admissions in engineering, health, science, mathematics, athletics, learning differences, and the visual and performing arts. He has extensive training in college admissions as well as college counseling training through the Harvard Summer Institute on Colleges Admissions. 

He has visited over 300 colleges in the US and abroad. Supported The Posse Foundation, College Summit, and The LA Gay and Lesbian Center 


Dalai Lama Fellowship, National Merit Scholarship Corporation, The Point Foundation, and The Schwartzman Scholars 


Co-founder and Creator of LikeLive, an online interviewing tool for colleges and universities. Created The Point Foundation Scholarship Application Website and Selection Tool.


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Website: https://qacollegeadmissions.com/ 


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