#107 Strategies for Silencing Your Teen’s Inner Critic with Natalie Borrell

In this episode, Lisa and Natalie discuss:

  • Why everyone should face their inner critic. 
  • Ways in which the inner critic shows up in teens and young adults. 
  • Building the muscle of resiliency.
  • Strategy tools for silencing your teen’s inner critic. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Having an inner critic is normal, but it does need to be addressed so the negative thoughts do not become your teen’s beliefs and actions. 
  • It is important to tackle the mindset before tackling the inner critic. Building up the mindset and resiliency is the foundation. 
  • Remind your teen that courage looks like confidence to an outsider. They should do things scared, and it will become easier in time.
  • Trial and error is the key to your student learning how to silence their inner critic. What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. 



It is the people who overcome setbacks that become successful in this world.– Natalie Borrell


About Natalie Borrell:

Natalie is a school psychologist and an academic life coach for teenagers. She and her team of coaches help tweens and teens build their confidence, get grades that they are proud of, and reduce their stress.


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