#115 Making the Final College Decision with Marni Levine

In this episode, Lisa and Marni discuss:

  • How to approach your teen’s final college enrollment decision from campus visits to financial considerations.
  • Key questions your student should ask themself when they’re stuck deciding between their final school choices. 
  • Approaching how to navigate and leverage unexpected financial aid opportunities.
  • Alternative options to the standard college or university path that may be a better fit for your teen.
  • Navigating the complexities of choosing the right college along with your student’s best-fit major. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • In a typical year, students need to make a college decision by May 1. In 2024, some schools are pushing that date back to June 1 due to the FAFSA delays.
  • It is fine to apply to a school that your student has not visited, but they do not want to enroll in and attend a school that they haven’t seen for themselves. The best way to do so is the admitted student days in the spring. 
  • Only 8 of the 50 state flagship universities don’t admit students directly to their major. 
  • There are benefits to attending a “foundation school” that offers generous merit aid. Opportunities come at the top of the class: students, your professors will know you, and they’re more likely to recommend you for research, internships, and jobs. 
  • Schools cannot take away their “yes” admission decision, so ask for what your student needs. Worst case, the school says no. 


Always ask and always do the research because the ultimate goal is to get a job. While college is fun, and it’s a growth experience and a learning experience, it is about being able to come out an adult and you need to know that you’ve got about a degree that has value to you.” – Marni Levine


About Marni Levine:

After hiring someone to help my oldest son apply to college, I believed that the process was missing that special attention to detail that only a mom would know. It needed more personalization for each family. So, I set out on a mission to help students through the often daunting process of applying to college the way a mother would – if the mother was a professional. 

As an independent educational consultant, I have helped hundreds of families over the last 15 years by guiding them along the college admissions journey. (Yes, that includes hand-holding, cheerleading, off-the-cuff therapy sessions, and reminders to take deep breaths!) 

Most importantly, using the skills I learned as an Advertising/Public Relations major at Boston University and my love of storytelling, I’ve created a comprehensive program to help high school students develop a unique picture of who they are so that they can find and be admitted to the perfect fit college where they will shine! 

Mentor, Professional Member IECA, Avid Reader, Dog Lover, Mom (and now Grammy) I am best known to all as COLLEGE MARNI!


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