#118 Occupational Therapy Career Close-Up with Chris Robbins

In this episode, Lisa and Chris discuss:

  • What occupational therapy is and the different patient groups it benefits. 
  • Various preparatory paths students can consider in high school and college as they consider OT or similar fields. 
  • How to curate experiences, like job shadows, to discover if OT is the right path for your teen. 
  • Resources for finding the right accredited OT school and taking advantage of extracurricular opportunities during the undergraduate years. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Job shadowing is critical for deciding between speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. 
  • OT school prerequisites vary, so students must research the requirements for each school they are considering.
  • OT doctoral programs are very intensive three-year programs with no summers off. 
  • Finding a work-life balance and not taking work home is an adjustment for new occupational therapists.


When you’re in college, really take advantage of every opportunity that you can. Just jump in and join different clubs and doing things that spark your interest will really allow you to find what you have a passion for and what you want to do.” – Chris Robbins


About Chris Robbins:

Chris is an occupational therapist working at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, a level 1 trauma center, in Colorado Springs, CO. Chris, her husband Marty, and their dog Cooper moved to Colorado in 2023 after Chris graduated with her doctorate degree in occupational therapy from Kettering College in Dayton, Ohio. Her undergraduate degrees are in biology and neuroscience with minors in Spanish and disability studies from Miami University. In her free time, Chris enjoys hiking, running, going to ballet class, and trying new coffee shops! 


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