#119 How to Change Your College Major Successfully with Kaci Kortis

In this episode, Lisa and Kaci discuss:

  • Having early conversations on college majors with your teen and with the intent to listen.
  •  Exploring university resources that help students who are unsure of their path. 
  • Thinking about the full student and what to consider as they think about their major.
  • If it’s possible for all students to change their major after enrollment. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Many, but not all, colleges have exploratory studies majors. Students and their families need to be wise consumers and do their own research on whether this is a good path. 
  • The length of time in college can be extended if a student changes their major. Working with an advisor can assist your student to the best path forward. 
  • Some majors are more difficult than others to get into and may require certain coursework before admittance. 
  • Talk about values with your teen. Talk about interests with your teen. Let them talk and listen to what they have to say instead of directing what you want for them. 


Starting the conversation early, having the conversation looking at majors, using resources to start that conversation, those are all great things to start. And that way the student knows the conversation is open with their parent, and they can continue as they look at colleges.” – Kaci Kortis


About Kaci Kortis:

Kaci Kortis currently serves as an Advising Director at a large university in Cincinnati. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in School Counseling. Her professional journey includes roles in the education department of a museum and teaching high school social studies, before starting her transition to working in higher education. Over the course of her 12-year tenure in higher education, Kaci has assumed various roles, including advising exploratory students, transfer students, and those undergoing major changes in their academic paths. Throughout her career, her primary objective has been to guide each student in discovering their best-fit major and path forward. In her current capacity, she oversees a team of major change advisors and works to streamline complex university processes to enhance the student experience.


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